About Fightbackcoin Token Project

Fightbackcoin token is a utility token. We are Community Driven, Inspired and Designed. Our grand design is to add value to our token right out of the gate. We have done that. Until now there was no safe harbor in crypto. It was and still is in many factions, the Wild Wild West of profit and scammers getting away with good folks’ money, not anymore.

It was vital to raise public awareness for crypto to be adopted main stream by implementing safety measures for investors. At FBC we have done this.

These safety measures include: Systems accessible to law enforcement with international reach. FBC has succeeded in this regard to give you, the investor, the safety and value so vital in crypto by joining with BIG. Blockchain Intelligence Group. Bitrank Verified: Transaction risk score that helps us meet regulatory compliance. Crypto Investigative services. FBC now has access to high tech software from BIG to alert exchanges to freeze fraudulent funds transactions. Click on the play button to learn more about how to stay safe online when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Let's Start


So many and still more to come. The blockchain will be used to meet solutions for individuals and companies in the crypto space whom have fallen for scam projects and need a safe haven to thrive in terms of trust and fairness in the ecosystem of blockchain technology. Confidential investigations and proprietary government designed software to alert law enforcement and exchanges internationally will also be ongoing. The best part: We will make it fun and profitable for FBC token holders to earn more tokens through our proprietary game to catch the bad guys.



FBC tokens can be stored on any ERC20 standard wallets like Myetherwallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, imToken, Trust, Cipher, Coinomi etc.

FBC Bounty Wallet:



FBC Game Reward Wallet:



FBC ETH Donation Wallet:




Fightbackcoin token has been verified on the etherscan.io system. To verify FBC, kindly visit https://etherscan.io and search for fightbackcoin. On the blockchain, you will be able to see the transactions done and all other information that you might need to check the authenticity of our FBC project. Links to our social platforms can be accessed there as well.



As the community grows, we will look into making sure we are listed on good and user-friendly exchanges which will help run our project smoothly. Top 20 exchanges will be our target as we progress. After private ICO sales, we will list on Stex exchange and Crex24 exchange to begin our listing journey. We have allocated special FBC tokens to list on Binance and other top 20 exchanges. Bank Cards are available through these exchanges.



Buyback programs, solar & Alternative energy powered mining plant to sustain the project, discounted referrals for legal consultation, fraud ICO project investigations, legal advice on fraudulent HYIPs, hiring of white hat’s for investigations, use of FBC token at our partner resort-retreat facility for investors and our virtual online video adventure game to win FBC tokens.



Our knowledge base gives both seasoned or beginning investors a referral list of resource partners for FBC token holders. Our list includes: crypto savvy attorneys, CPA's, counseling, cryptocurrency training courses and crypto Investigator courses from BIG-Blockchain Intelligence Group. Helpful resources provided for the overzealous or under informed investor.



You can book a counseling session with a specialist, attend our partner retreat, review and purchase from our marketplace of FBC products, investigative materials and courses related to Anti- fraud, Anti- money laundering, referrals to Cryptocurrency Attorneys, Crypto Certified Public Accountants and lots of fun earning tokens by playing our Crypto Busters scammer game with weapons and reward levels. And much more in the works as suggested by our community.


First Sale on FBC platform: 30th July - 24th August 2019. Price for one FBC=$0.7 and 1,000,000 FBC will be allocated

Second Sale on Vindax Exchange platform: First session begins 25th August 2019 12pm GMT and last for 24hrs. Price for one FBC=$0.8 and 310,000 FBC will be allocated. Second session begins 29th August 2019 12pm GMT and last for 24hrs. Price for one FBC=$0.9 and 270,000 FBC will be allocated

Read our Terms and condition in our whitepaper. All unsold tokens will be reserved for sustainability of project and future token sale will be done to raise more funds to support FBC project to reach our softcap.

Starting Time : JUL 30,2019
Ending Time : AUG 30,2019
Soft cap : 1,000,000 FBC
Hard cap : 3,000,000 FBC
Symbol/Ticker : FBC
Total Supply : 5 Million FBC
Token Name : Fightbackcoin
Token Decimal : 18
Usage & functionality : Utility Token
  • Token Sale - 3,000,000 FBC
  • Team $ Advisors -500,000 FBC
  • Legal - 50,000 FBC
  • Virtual Game Reserved - 400,000 FBC
  • Marketing - 100,000 FBC
  • Project Dev-100,000 FBC
  • Binance Locked listing fee- 400,000 FBC
  • Emergency Reserved for Exchange hack- 300,000 FBC
  • Bounty reserved fund - 100,000 FBC
  • Airdrop: 50,000 FBC


Our virtual video game will reward winners with FBC tokens upon completing task to capture virtual scammers. The game will have levels and each level with its own assignment to arrest known scammers in the crypto space. Like Bitconnect and Monetize coin team scammers will be the first bad actors you can hunt down and win FBC tokens. More known characters will be added to hunt them virtually, while our investigators hunt them down in real life. Fun packed for our community to sit and relax playing Crypto Busters whilst we are on the ground will be capturing real bad scammers in the crypto space. This is a service for our investor community to bring sanity to the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Devices
    Mobile Compatible Devices

    We are reviewing options to make our game compatible with android, IOS and windows. As we need quality graphics gaming experience, we will keep you updated about mobile device integration.

  • Online_Buy_Sell

    Discounted referrals for legal consultation, fraud ICO project investigations, legal advice on fraudulent HYIPs, hiring of white hat’s for investigations and use of FBC token at our partner resort -retreat facility for investors.

  • Transformative
    Exchange Trading

    Our Telegram community voted to list FBC token on Stex and Crex24 exchanges.

  • Manage_wallet
    Keeping your FBC tokens

    FBC tokens can be stored in any ERC20 standard wallets such as Myetherwallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, imToken, Trust, Cipher, Coinomi and many more to be developed.

  • Stay_friend
    Referral program

    We will initiate a referral program to be able to get rewards in FBC tokens for referring people to our social platforms

  • Bonus

    We will reward our community with FBC tokens by doing simple tasks.


The use of crypto-currencies has become more widespread, and they are now increasingly accepted as a legitimate currency for transactions.

Q1 2019

• Project Idea started and Team screening • Research on project • Information gathering

Q2 2019

• Website development • FBC Contract execution and verification • Social Media creation • Airdrop implementation

Q3-Q4 2019

• Marketing • Exchange listings • Partnerships •ICO/IEO starts • ICO/IEO ends • Exchange Listings • CMC listings • Marketing

Q1 2020

• Beta development of FBC platform • Listings on exchanges • Partnerships • Marketing

Q2 2020

• launch of Beta FBC Game • Exchange Listings • Marketing

Q3-Q4 2020

• Full Gaming launch • Partnerships • Exchange listings • Marketing (Download White Paper for detailed road map)

Our Team

Our team is made up of individuals with many years of experience in the crypto space. With this experience, we are aware of what's going on in the blockchain space and have decided to come together to fight and voice out for victims of scams. Our staff will be doing ongoing training by blockchain forensic experts certified by the US homeland office and Anti-theft, Anti- fraud experts from BIG, Blockchain Intelligence Group. We are transparent to law enforcement. For more information, you can email us your query.


Treasure E

Chairman,CEO & Founder FBC


Treasure E

Chairman,CEO & Founder FBC

28 yrs in stock market as options investment strategist . Wall street brokerage firm, crypto currencies mentor , enthusiast & instructor.

Like Henry Ford, visionary, innovator.


Randy F.

Chief Investigator, Domestic & Foreign Affairs Advisor


Randy F.

Chief Investigator, Domestic, Foreign Affairs Advisor.

Detective, Studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. U.S.A Atty at Law, U.S.A Army Millitary Police Academy.

Speaks 9 languages fluently.


David T

COO & CTO & Dev


David T

COO & CTO & Dev

15yrs specialist in IT, graphic designs, block chain technology. Blockchain mastermind & investor on binance & top exchanges.

Crypto moderator and specialised in multimedia development.



FBC Advisor



FBC Advisor

Visionary, strategist, business consultant & developer.

Very passionate about business investment strategies.


Tawiah A.

FBC Gorilla Team


Jones A.

FBC Gorilla Team

Worked with so many firms and has achieve success in promoting businesses.

Very passionate about graphics and web development.


Kakra A.

FBC Gorilla Team



FBC Gorilla Team

Worked with so many firms and has achieve success in promoting businesses.

Very passionate about graphics and web development.


Panyin A.

FBC Gorilla Team



FBC Gorilla Team

Worked with so many firms and has achieve success in promoting businesses.

Very passionate about graphics and web development.


Ms. Delphia

Certified Counselor


Ms. Delphia

Certified Counselor

Ms. Delphia has been a counselor since 2000, specializing in depression, emotional trauma and abuse. Certified through NANC (National Association of Nothetic Counselors) and she ran an e-counselling website. Certifications in NRT & Rieki, Ms Delphia is a Natural Health Practitioner, Public Speaker and public author.


Abu F.

Director of Cyber Security Team & Data Analytics


Abu F

Director of Cyber Security Team & Data Analytics

Abu has massive & precise SEO marketing skills, IT specilist with years of experience in IT.

Mentor & master marketer for business promotions and development.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Fightbackcoin token as the name suggests is a utility token created on the Ethereum blockchain
Fightbackcoin token has a maximum supply of 5 million FBC tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
You can get discounted referrals for legal consultation, fraud ICO project investigations, advice on fraudulent HYIPs, use of FBC tokens at our partner resort -retreat facility for investors.
Investors are able to get free FBC tokens upon completing task whilst playing the game. You can trade your free tokens on the exchange for Bitcoin or other paired cryptocurrency.
We decided to give out free airdrop for Mnz investors as a reward for being part of this great project and to redeem Mnz investors from the monetize platform fiasco of empty promises and unethical treatment of investors.
Our Telegram community group voted we list on Stex and Crex24 exchange to begin our listing journey.
We know hacks have happened in the blockchain ecosystem and not all funds can be frozen or recovered during such an event, therefore, we have allocated FBC tokens to partially help distribute to those who hold FBC on such exchanges.
We have this measurement in place to buy back tokens to help sustain the project such as allocation of tokens for hacks, game rewards and future bounty programs.
Our platform launch will include referrals for FBC token holders for Crypto knowledgeable attorneys, counseling and tax assistance and a plethora of other services to bring sanity to the crypto space. .
For compliance and adhering to regualtions, its best we have KYC verification done.
The mining plant will help to bring in additioanl revenue for the sustainabilty of the project such as maintenance of staff, buy back programs to reward investors for playing our virtual game. Tokens bought can be used for future bounty programs which also help liquidity of FBC tokens on exchanges.
Binance is our top listing prioty as they offer top end trading system and high level protection for investors funds.
You can spend discount points with our partnered resorts.
FBC tokens can be stored in any designated ERC20 wallet.
Our team is anonymous , due to the nature of our investigations, in compliance with standard law enforcement policies & procedures. We are transparent to law enforcement agencies.
Yes, you are most welcome to donate. Please contact our staff at [email protected]
Sure, we will be having yearly donations to selected charities around the globe as a good will to humanity and to spread the word of FBC project making more room for new investors.
After our gaming platform launch, we may consider setting up our own exchange once we get approval from the right governmental bodies. That is still under review.
We have put measures in place such as our mining farm which will help to sustain our FBC project , resource partnerships and new exchanges to insure our ongoing success.
We considered this option to include mobile mining. However, to create value for investors and game users receiving token rewards , it was best to allow for the growth of FBC.

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